The Elchemists

As Elchemists, we enable legal and ethical risk-sensitive technology and data innovation.  This means translating, transitioning and implementing applied R&D and ops solutions for challenging issues at the crossroads of technology, law, policy & ethics: data security and privacy risk management, data & algorithm governance, technology policy, information forensics, policy-driven technology, cyber insurance, ethical design and impact assessment for IT & AI and autonomous systems, privacy technology, risk-sensitive integrated information sharing systems. We hail from private industry, public research, and federal/state/local government and have engendered decades of trust-building with those communities.

We don’t produce boilerplate solutions derived from unquestioned inertia or uncertain chains of responsibility. We do operate from our repository of human capital that grasps the big picture in order to craft practicable solutions that advance the status quo. Thus, our core methodology is based on:

  • understanding the human and technical elements at play
  • interpreting the art and science of principles and precedent in the context of current technical, legal and policy environments
  • applying proven principles to forecast and produce credible results

Our team at ELCHEMY endeavors to understand issues and craft practical solutions, in keeping with the role of the original Alchemists. Only in the current context, the chemical processes and substances have given way to electronic transactions, techno-legal processes, and digital substances (i.e. bits and bytes). Just as the original “proto-scientists” attempted to make sense of the core principles underlying seemingly disparate changes in the physical state and appearance of substances, Team Elchemy offers tools, methodologies and advisement based on fundamentals of the task at hand, whether it involves cyber forensics, data sharing and analysis, legal informatics, or policy-based information architecture.

There are no techno-legal Cliff Notes for challenges arising in our information-centric environment. ELCHEMY is fueled by these challenges. We are a nimble group with the multidimensional and interdisciplinary experience to make sense of the confusion. ELCHEMY is not your conventional, brick-and-mortar company with a staff who live for Friday afternoon or countdown to retirement. Rather, ELCHEMY is a gateway to a team of professionals whose work is an extension of themselves. We value unconventional thought to solve issues, and shun the hamster wheel mentality that often pervades discourse and approaches to these challenges.

erin kenneally

Chief Executive Officer & Founder 

Erin Kenneally is Founder and CEO of ELCHEMY, and Senior Advisor at FutureGrasp Foundry. She recently transitioned from the Cyber Security Division for the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate. Her R&D portfolio comprised cybersecurity data infrastructure, privacy, cyber risk economics, and technology ethics. She previously served as Technology-Law Specialist at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) and the Center for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) & Center for Evidence-based Security Research (CESR) at the UC San Diego. Erin is a licensed Attorney specializing in information technology law, including privacy technology, data protection, artificial intelligence risk, trusted information sharing, technology policy, data ethics, and emergent IT legal risks. She holds Juris Doctorate and Masters of Forensic Sciences degrees and is a graduate of Syracuse University and The George Washington University.