Elchemic Process

Question assumptions | Challenge convention | Enable growth

In carrying out our mission, ELCHEMY enables chemistry between people and information technology through the following capabilities:

1. Strategically Advising responsible innovation at the crossroads of technology, law, ethics, and policy:

  • Legal and policy risk assessments for emerging information and communication technology risks
  • Ethics and governance of new and emerging science and technologies, responsible research and innovation, and technology regulation
  • Strategic policy related to privacy and data protection, socio-economic issues, and technology assessment
  • Legal risk and policy research, analysis and recommendations
  • Privacy and Ethics Impact assessment and data protection control strategy
  • Descriptive and exploratory and feasibility studies of emerging issues, including legal and technology forecasting
  • Policy advisement and strategic implementation options
  • Publish and liaise on the subject of the advisement (e.g., position papers, case studies, research reports)

2. Providing Applied Research & Development to address techno-legal solutions to capability gaps:

  • Manage and Direct prototypes for enhanced information sharing and analysis across public and private entities, using open standards, value-sensitive, and policy-based technology solutions
  • Develop tools, techniques and methodologies
  • Provide training and education tools and solutions
  • Independently generate research projects, including leveraging network of like-minded public and private stakeholders;

3. Building trust-based collaborations with stakeholders (government agencies, academic researchers and institutions, and private sector organizations) seeking solutions at the crossroads of the law and technology:

  • Identify, organize and/or oversee forums for information dissemination and collaboration via workshops, symposia, conferences, publications, briefings, task forces, committees, or other forums
  • Translate and liaison between IT, policy and legal professionals